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Mahers Siberian Huskies.

We are based in Freeport, Illinois.  Freeport is about 2 hours east of Chicago. 

A Little information about Siberian Huskies.  Siberian Huskies make great companions for your family.  Huskies are very loving, great with children, and may make a wonderful addition to your family.  Huskies need a lot of running room, you may not need a large yard, but enough room for them to run and play.  Exercise is very important.  Huskies are an adventurous breed and do not thrive well in small areas for long periods of time.  Huskies so very enjoy long running periods, playing in the snow, and lots of love and attention. 

As a breeder we urge possible future owners to do some research first before making any commitments, making sure  Siberian Huskies are the right breed for you and your family.   

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